After hosting Wordpress for a few years on a cheap VPS I decided to try out Ghost when it initially came out. It was so fast and clean it was definitely a step up from Wordpress. After using Ghost came the static website with markdown phase, I used Jekyll for some time; then switched to Hugo once it was the new and cool thing to do. The most recent iteration I have tried Gatsby and Next.js, Contentful CMS and Netifly for hosting. Overall I've learned a lot from all of this and don't regret switching how I run my blog, though now my use case has changed and I want to write more and now have little care about the technology.

This blog runs on a Digital Ocean droplet that costs $5 per month (+$1 for backups), I have also put Cloudflare in front of it and locked down the firewall so only my IP can SSH and Cloudflare's network can talk over HTTP/HTTPS.

There is a hosted offering of Ghost that I was considering going for instead. It is $29 per month but if I ever spend more than an evening a month maintaining the droplet approach, I will just end up paying for someone else to manage it.  


A few little tweaks needed but pretty solid overall.

Setting up redirects

This was quite a simple thing to do, Ghost allows you to store your redirects as a simple json file. Anyone coming from a link I posted previously that included the /blog/ path will be served a permanent redirect.

Using Regex101, you can visually see what your regex is doing. I used an URL I had found in the Google Search Console to make sure that it would resolve correctly.

Hopefully by switching back to Ghost it makes me write more.